The New CocoaDev


The CocoaDev site was once a custom wiki that fell victim to mass vandalism by wikispam. The original maintainer, Steven Frank, asked the community if someone would take over at least hosting its content as an archive as he no longer had time to maintain it. I (Joshua Nozzi) volunteered and made several attempts at extracting the content into a more maintainable format. This of course has caused a few formatting issues but I considered it growing pains, since the community seemed to be upset at the loss of a great resource. I assumed - incorrectly - that there'd be no shortage of volunteers to help modernize the content. To avoid all the problems associated with wikis, I had the idea of making the site an open-source project on Github, accepting edits via pull request. This has the benefit of filtering out ALL casual spammers and allowing the community to vet edits in the form of pull requests. Not as instant as a wiki edit, sure, but definitely more secure, which I felt was appropriate for such a large body of knowledge.

Unfortunately, years have gone by and the only "contributions" I've received have been criticism and several accusations of attempting to monetize the site somehow (nevermind I'd contributed to hundreds of pages and have paid to maintain the domain and hosting out of pocket with no plans or indications of plans to monetize, only my name as curator in the footer, no different than Steven putting his name at the top of the home page). Does that annoy me? Of course - I jumped at the opportunity to keep a wonderful resource from dying because I wanted to give back to a community I loved. So with regret, I've updated this page to reflect that there seems to be no interest in maintaining the site going forward (and it's absurd to expect one person to do it alone - I have bills to pay and a family to spend time with). Therefore, unless the community rallies or a trustworthy individual steps forward to take ownership, this is where we are and will remain: an archive of what was.

Below is the original "update" of the state of the site. Where it goes from here (if anywhere) is entirely up to you. Please note: unkind and unhelpful criticism will, at best, be ignored; anything less than actually doing something to help is, at this point, inherently unhelpful. - jln Jan 4, 2018

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